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Client: Telia Denmark
Produced by: NVY MEDIA HOUSE
Aerial footage: Dronops Productions

Ved at producere unikt indhold for din event , gør vi det muligt for dig at aktivere dine sponsorers brand, såvel som dit eget. Vores målsætning er at makismere værdien af din event ved at producere visuelt indhold til jer før, under og efter — så I har mulighed for at distribuere materialet hele året.

Ved at arbejde tæt med jeres sponsorer, skaber vi indsigt i hvilke indholdsformater, som er passsende for at aktiverer deres brand. Vi har således specialiseret os i teasere op til begivenheden, live-streaming og dokumentation under begivenheden og recaps efter eventen.

Vi har arbejdet med denne model for flere af landets større events og har vist sig at være værdiskabende for alle involverede: arrangører, sponsorer og vores produktionsselskab. Det betyder, at vi i dag trækker på erfaringer fra store brands og sponsorer i mange forskellige typer af events herunder en række sportsbegivenheder, musik-festivaler og konferencer.


When working with clients on content production, we establish an close collaboration securing an on-going delivery of relevant content in accordance with your overall brand and communication strategy. We aim to be your go-to guys concerning content production of video, still images and livestream. In order to succeed, we need to understand your needs, demands and crazy ideas for your future content. By scoping our collaboration on a long term relation, we will – over time – become self-reliant, enabling us to provide you with well-produced content following an timeline agreed upon by the both os us. By then, you can consider us as your in-house content bureau, reducing your time spent on coordination and increasing our time spend on content production – a win-win situation we believe.

Currently, we work with daily, weekly or monthly deliveries depending on the need of our clients, providing them with a mix of news videos, interview videos, product and pack shots, promotional videos, time lapses, aerial drone footage as well as livestreams from their events. All of these formats work together and we will advice you on how your mix will connect with your brand and communication strategies.

We take care of all processes in the content production, from pre-production to the delivery of the final cut to your chosen platforms. We guarantee compliance with all rights in the content produced, enabling you to utilize existing content in future productions is needed.

Create further exposure of you event. Live stream or broadcast your event, TV-transmission or public speaking in order to reach an even larger audience than those physical present participants, spectators or stakeholders. By allowing more people to follow online, you activate the interest and news coverage of the event and allow increased interaction and revenue from the public, B2B-partners and sponsors, who can achieve attractive advertising space.

The content can be a combination of several elements of which we can transmit to online media platforms such as your website, Facebook or Youtube account and it may vary from five minutes to a whole day of production, depending on your needs.

The content might be footage from the event, interviews with participants, results or aerial view drone footage. Our graphics system makes it furthermore possible for us to enable pre-roll advertising and graphics throughout the live stream. For example, countdown for the start of the live stream, event info, advertisements from sponsors, contingency announcements etc.

We can deliver live stream solutions in different setups adapted to different budgets and needs.




We enable conference hosts and organizers to maximize the value of your conference with dedicated content produced before, during and after the conference taking place. By combining multiple formats of content such as teasers, livestreams, interviews with participants, documentation of results and advertisements from your sponsors, we aim to create further exposure of the conference as well as increased revenues for you. Our believe is that the knowledge generated should be made available for everyone – also stakeholders unable to participate in the conference themselves.

With our professional livestream production of your conference, we enable you to reach an even larger audience than the participants present in the room. By inviting more people to follow online, you activate the interest and interaction with the the conference being held, leading to a potential for increased revenue from B2B-partners and sponsors, who now can achieve attractive advertising slots during the livestream.

The livestream production can consist of a combination with several elements which we transmit to online media platforms such as your website, Facebook or Youtube etc. The duration of the livestream may vary from five minutes to a whole day depending on your needs. Amongst other, the livestream can include live footage of key note speakes on stage, interviews with participants and stakeholders, presentation slides, event info and advertisements from your sponsors and partners. Our graphics system enable us furthermore to integrate pre-roll advertisements and info graphics throughout the live stream – eg. info of key note speakers, documentation of results or contingency announcements.

Our cutting edge livestream solution can be deployed in different setups suited to different budgets and needs of conference hosts and organizers.

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